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  1. Accommodation fans at Euro 2012
  2. Topic of the receipt of an exciting Ukrainians and Russians of Polish visas for Euro 2012
  3. The trend of housing training for Euro 2012 in Donetsk

Visa Support

customs.jpg To apply for a tourist visa

   Nationals of the EU countries, Canada, Japan, Swiss Confederation and United States of America who apply for the tourist visa, can present a round trip air ticket by any Ukrainian airline company as a confirmation of the tourist purpose of their visit to Ukraine. But each visa application should be accompanied by a tourist voucher.

Tourist voucher

   We can provide you with a tourist voucher for your planned trip to Kiev. We will need to know the following information so we can prepare your Tourist voucher. Please allow 48 hours for us to process this information.


passports_visa.jpgDetails required: 

    - Full name of a person travelling
    - Your full home address
    - Your email and fax number for voucher delivery
    - Your country of citizenship
    - Period for which booking has been made
    - Your Passport number
    - The date when your passport was issued
    - The issuing authority of your passport

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  Kiev rent - best flat in kiev center. We provide a full service for our clients - this means apartments rent, transfers, interpreters, guided tours, tickets to cultural performances, and relocation solutions for corporations. The real difference a Kiev Best Rent appartment rent from owners in Kiev, apartment offers is a lifestyle choice.

  Если вы запланировали поездку в Киев, столицу Украины, и вы интересуетесь посуточной арендой квартир в Киеве, компания "Kiev Best Rent" рада предложить Вам жилье высокого класса "люкс" по разумной цене. Мы предлагаем ряд тщательно отобранных квартир в Киеве с учетом всех бюджетов и требований, для гостей пребывающих в Киеве по делам или с целью отдыха.

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