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  1. Accommodation fans at Euro 2012
  2. Topic of the receipt of an exciting Ukrainians and Russians of Polish visas for Euro 2012
  3. The trend of housing training for Euro 2012 in Donetsk

The trend of housing training for Euro 2012 in Donetsk

  World Organization of the UEFA Euro 2012 before makes serious demands on the quality and quantity of housing for all participating cities of Ukraine. At the moment, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkov, Odessa and Lvov definitely feel a significant shortage of hotels and apartments for the reception. The main problem in this regard remains a small number of investment funds and financial crisis of the state.

   In fact, the Euro 2012 in Ukraine can be compared to the summer for the Crimea. Crimeans of 3-4 months can earn money for a comfortable stay for the whole year ahead. Conditions to be enriched by the Ukrainians, it would seem there is, however, to organize the whole process is not so easy. As stated by the vice-president of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine, in time for Euro 2012 in Ukraine, the prices will jump by 50% from the current, and possibly more.

   Already at the moment is a tendency to increase in the average apartment rent for 200-300 USD. since the beginning of winter 2012. That is, if the cost of a one-room apartment, for example, a day for Kiev is 400 - 500 hryvnia, then to the Euro 2012 the price will be about 800-1000 USD.

   The current Council gives the Association of Realtors of Ukraine for the general rental market. The first advice applies to every house was properly advertised and had a decent look. The best place to start to put their data in large real estate agencies. By the end of 2011 had already created a unified informbaza, which has a substantial amount of data about the rental situation in Ukraine. First of all, this base will bring "posutochnye" apartments of those agencies that have joined the Association of Realtors of Ukraine. The base will be published on the Ukrainian sites for booking accommodation and information points in all cities, members of the Euro 2012.

   In turn, the agency has a direct bearing on foreign demand for housing, they will pick for his services for about 10% of the cost of housing by landlords. So that your apartment has taken its rightful place in the list of directories that you want to call anywhere in the district administration. It is better to ask the right connection with the department of tourism. There is information about your house will make a directory and point all the necessary information for the consumer. As a rule, foreign tourists specific criteria for living there. Enough to all the necessary amenities and cleanliness.

   It is useful to also visit the sites and forums with a football theme. There's certainly a hotly debated topic of the Euro 2012 and there will be willing to come to the championship.
Very popular hostels mentioned earlier, in spite of all prejudice, gain more popularity in Ukraine, particularly among foreign visitors. Hostel - is a variant of the hostel, which has a shared kitchen and multiple rooms. They are quite comfortable and play the role of housing economy - class. In the current average price of the hostel is about 150 hryvnia per person, and for Euro 2012 this will be about 30 euros per day.

   To learn more about the organization of hostels, it is enough to turn the All-Ukrainian Youth Association of the hostels. If you personally want as quickly as possible to advertise your home for Euro 2012, it is better to do on niche sites on the Internet, for example Or you can just turn to a travel agency and working to pay them for 10-15% of the customer.
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