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  1. Accommodation fans at Euro 2012
  2. Topic of the receipt of an exciting Ukrainians and Russians of Polish visas for Euro 2012
  3. The trend of housing training for Euro 2012 in Donetsk

Accommodation fans at Euro 2012

Euro 2012 According to preliminary estimates, in Ukraine is not enough places to accommodate all the fans who are planning to come for the football championship Euro-2012. First of all, this applies to hotels in Ukraine.

For hotel rooms does not count all the soccer fans who will come to Euro 2012. The problem is not only very expensive cost of hotel rooms, but also their supply. According to Yuri Bazelinsky - Vice-President of "Association of Realtors of Ukraine", "Only in Kyiv on match days are expected to attend 35-40 thousand fans. Hotel complexes, in turn, will be able to accommodate no more than half of all guests. " He predicts that most of the fans will be the citizens of Eastern Europe and Russia. Guests will find economical accommodation.

For example, in Kharkiv for Euro-2012, foreigners will be placed in alternative hotels - campgrounds, nursing homes, hostels. This is when it comes to the category of fans that are fairly easy to stay preferences. Another good option and the price and comfort have been renting apartments . It is believed that the rent for Euro 2012 - in no way inferior to hotel rooms and costs - are much lower. The only drawback is the lack of additional services provided by the hotel. Predicted, however, that for football fans - the economy will be much more important.

Quite a serious obstacle to booking accommodation in Ukraine for Euro 2012 foreigners, still remains a disorganized system of real estate property. Now it is a single or private companies that offer apartment rentals, hotel rooms. This issue is now in Ukraine is one of the most important for its solution already created by different organizations.

The Polish side, which will closely cooperate with Ukraine in the course of Euro 2012, reacted to the housing issue more responsibly and start an organization to provide shelter to fans back in 2010. For example, the host of the Polish city of Poznan and Gdansk already exists an established system for the placement of more than 20 thousand fans. A December 1, 2011 in the country will be working Polish Pass - service online - Desk. It is designed to engage not only in informing the fans of football and how they move in the finals, but also provide access to directories of private residences.
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