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National Cuisine

c Ukrainian cuisine is one of the most famous and well-known even far from the Slavic-speaking countries Europe. It seems impossible to describe and enumerate all the Ukrainian dishes, because of the huge area (the biggest in Europe) and therefore various local customs continuously varied from the planes in the east to the mountainous west. That is why modern Ukrainian cuisine is formed mainly on the basis of mixed regional features. Moreover, Ukraine adopted and developed to suit its own unique style the cuisines of other countries such as Poland and Hungary, Germany and Turkey, Tatar and Russia.


An excellent example of Ukrainian cuisine is a "borsch". Borsch is the beet-based soup that can contain as many as 20 different ingredients, which develop and share the beet test. Depending on the region and season, you can enjoy red and green, hot and cold borsch.
Starting from the second-half of the 18th century, many potatoes dishes appeared in the Ukraine. In Ukraine, the potato is used as often as rice in Japan. Popular dishes on the Ukrainian table are the potato puree (mashed potatoes) and "deruny". "Deruny" are the potato pancakes that are easy to cook, very nourishing and tasty. You can eat them either hot or cold; you can make them for a barbeque party or just take them with you to school or work. Potato puree is served as a favorite background for various delicacies and vegetables gravies that are typical for Ukrainian cuisine.

"Holubtsi", or cabbage rolls, are one of the favorite Ukrainian meat dishes. They are mainly filled with pork and a small amount of rice. The "holubtsi" are placed in a large pot, covered with tomato soup or sauce and baked. A stuffed pepper is a variety of "holubtsi", which is made on the same meat base.
The country's reputation as the "breadbasket of Europe" is well deserved and therefore the dishes from wheat flour have a great importance. "Varenyky" are dough pockets filled with either potato, or potato and cheddar cheese, or cabbage, or cottage cheese, or blueberries, or cherries, or generally anything. Ukrainian "varenyky" are boiled and resemble to various degrees Polish "pierogi", Russian "pilmeni", Italian "ravioli", Jewish "kreplach", or Chinese "gyoza". "Varenyky" are very often served with onions and sour cream. There are famous Ukrainian "pyrohy" with different stuffing like apples, cabbage and many others depending on the season in Ukraine. "Pampushki" are special buns served with garlic sauce and "borsch" or with jam or honey for tea.

  Along with the famous tradition of the vodka (Ukrainian name "horilka") drinking, Ukrainian cuisine has natural nonalcoholic drinks such as "kvas" and "uzvar". The healthiest is "uzvar", which is made of many different fruits boiled at the same time. You can drink it hot, warm, cold or very cold in the hot summer.
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  Если вы запланировали поездку в Киев, столицу Украины, и вы интересуетесь посуточной арендой квартир в Киеве, компания "Kiev Best Rent" рада предложить Вам жилье высокого класса "люкс" по разумной цене. Мы предлагаем ряд тщательно отобранных квартир в Киеве с учетом всех бюджетов и требований, для гостей пребывающих в Киеве по делам или с целью отдыха.

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