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Places to Visit. When you temporarily rent an apartment in Kiev


Golden Gate


Golden Gate is one of the greatest and most remarkable fortifications that remained from the time of the reign of the prince Yaroslav the Wise and dated up to 1037. This fortified wall defined the limits of Kiev and served as a barrier from invaders in the distant past. But unfortunately it was seriously damaged during the Tatar-Mongol invasion and was not reconstructed after that, but travellers who visited Kiev in the 16th-17th centuries left descriptions and sketches of the ruins with the remains of the church.

A century later what remained of the gate was levelled to the ground, and it was only in 1832 that archaeologists unearthed it, and it became a sensation. In 1983 the Golden gate was restored to it's present condition from the ruins. Now it serves as a Golden Gate Historical museum. In the museum there are armaments used by the ancient Kievites and the balconies of the museum offer a panoramic view of the Kiev centre (Do not forget, we offer affordable rental apartments in Kiev ). It is located outside of the subway station with the same name - the Golden Gate (Zolotie Vorota).


St. Sophia's Cathedral


The Cathedral was built in 1037 by the prince Yaroslav the Wise to commemorate the victory over the Pechenegs and to glorify Christianity. It is one of the oldest churches in Kiev and in whole the territory of Ukraine. It was the main metropolitan church of Kievan Rus. Ceremonies to select envoys, public meetings, and the writing of chronicles took place here. The first library in Kievan Rus was located here.

Today there is a museum that consists of the complex of buildings and churches where you can see ancient portraits, marvellous mosaics, unique frescoes, marble decorations and a lot of other ancient and thrilling relics. The cathedral preserves a sarcophagus with the remains of the prince Volodymyr. After the Tatar-Mongol invasion of 1240, the cathedral gradually fell into ruins. In the 16th century Greek Catholic priests served Mass here.

In the 1630's-40's the Kievan Metropolitan P. Mohyla founded a men's monastery in the cathedral. He engaged the Italian architect Mancini to work on its restoration. In 1685-1707 the cathedral was rebuilt in the Ukrainian Baroque style. A Baroque iconostasis was built in 1731-47. St. Sophia's Cathedral is a treasure of world architecture.


St. Andrew's Church


Positioned at the top of the charming Andriyivsky Uzviz, is a brilliant baroque version of the traditional Ukrainian five domed church. The church is perched high above the historic Podol district. Visitors will be able to admire several paintings from the 18th century, which are housed in the church.

It was built in 1753 at the request of the Russian Empress Elizabeth. In 1744 she visited the fatherland of her favorite Alexey Rozumovsky, and decided to build her summer residence here in Kiev . She herself laid the first symbolic brick of the new palace and church. The project was run by Bartolomeo Rastrelly (famous Italian architect) who designed many of St Petersburg's great buildings. It was constructed on the site where the Apostle Andrew erected a cross.

It is one of the few buildings that survived intact with no reconstruction or significant damage. Now that beautiful and majestic church situated on the St. Andrew Decent is like a magnet for the visitors' eyes, it brings the reminiscences of the past centuries to the spot and all Kiev.


St. Andrew's Decent (Andreevskiy Spusk)


It is one of the oldest and most picturesque streets of Kiev. Andreevskiy Spusk was the shortest way from the aristocratic Upper city to Podol, the Lower City of merchants and handicraftsmen. The name was known from 18 the century.And now the street is often called Kiev's Montmartre because it is situated at the heart of Kiev's artist community, is a favourite tourists' place to visit, and one of the best areas in Kiev to find traditional Ukrainian crafts and art.

Mikhail Bulgakov, the author of "Master and Margaret" of the world fame, lived in the house n.13 of the Decent. That building is the Bulgakov's museum now. The other museum of the Andreevskiy Spusk is a museum of "One Street".It reflects the Decent history in pictures, photos and other things from the earliest times down to the present days.

During weekends St. Andrew's Decent is crowded with a lot of people who want to buy souvenirs or paintings, to have a look at galleries and improvised performances given by musicians or actors or just to walk down the street, to sit in the cafe and to feel the inspiring aura filling the air.


Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra (The Cave Monastery)


The Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra (The Cave Monastery) was founded in 1051 by the monks Antoniy and Feodosiy. (Pechersk stands for "pechery" that means "caves" which were found on its territory and which early monks used to live in). Its territory was expanding with new buildings being added to it through the centuries.

In 1240 the monastery was looted and destroyed by the Tatar-Mongol armies of Baty; in 1480 it was destroyed again. And in the end of 16th century it was designated as the Lavra (monastery).

The architectural ensemble attained its completion in the mid-18th century. The majority of structures were built in the Ukrainian Baroque style; there is only one church in the Monastery that has been preserved from the twelfth century with very few architectural changes introduced since then. The way Lavras Monasteries look nowadays is really impressive and splendid. That is a must for tourist to see this treasure and beauty!


St. Micheal's Cathedral


St. Michael Cathedral is situated just opposite St. Sophia's Church and attracts attention of all people passing by the Myhailovskaya Square, showing its beauty and glory, glaring with its great golden cupolas, pure sky-blue walls and vividly decorated arches.

The glittering building originally dating from 1108 was torn down in 1936, but in 1996 a mammoth building project restored it to its former glory. Inside the reconstructed bell tower is a small museum, dedicated to the rebirth of the monastery.

On the territory of the Cathedral you will be able to see the stones of the ancient church that was destroyed long ago. Near the cathedral entrance there is a monument of Great Princess Olga, Apostle Andrew and of two saints Cyril and Mephodiy.


St. Vladimir's Cathedral


The bright and shining St. Vladimir's Cathedral which was designed by Ivan Strom. Alexander Beretti and Paul Sparro started the construction in 1862 and it was completed by Vladimir Nikolayev in 1896. The building and decoration lasted for about 30 years and finally the church exceeded all expectations. An outstanding cathedral with seven domes and inimitable ornamental details!

The main facade is decorated with a double door made of oxidized bronze with enamel, carving and openwork tracery. On the sides of the door are figures of Princess Olga and Prince Vladimir made of embossed bronze and portrayed against a blue enamel background. Inside the cathedral, the feeling is grand and spacious, light and richly painted, with splendid bronze ornaments, white marble walls and a marble floor.  


Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (Open-air museum Pirogovo)


The open-air museum called Pirogovo is situated on the picturesque territory of the south-western outskirts of Kyiv. It was founded in 1960's, and in 1976 it was opened to the public. Nowadays the museum has over 200 structures moved here from different regions of Ukraine or reconstructed on the spot.

The museum has some 40,000 ethnographic exhibits, including folk costumes, fabrics, embroidery, carpets, ceramics, articles of metal, wood, glassware, musical instruments, paintings, tools, household articles and so on. These objects are exhibited both inside the cottages and other farm buildings and in the permanent exhibition halls.

There are some Ukrainian restaurants on the territory of the museum so you can try here traditional Ukrainian kitchen as well. And on Sundays you can hear choirs and folk musician's stage concerts, It's a very pleasant way to spend an entire day!


Khreshchatyk Street


Khreshchtik is the central, and one of the most beautiful streets of Kiev. It takes its beginning from the European Square and ends on the Bessarabka. The street is full of restaurants, cafes, shops and etc.

It is hard to believe that once it was just a valley surrounded by a thick forest with a brook across it. The valley was called Khreshchata (Crossed) because of the many ravines that crossed it. So the modern street inherited the name.

Nowadays a lot of people both Kievites and visitors of the capital gather here for business meetings, to see concerts, to communicate and to have a walk around and relax after a hard working day. It is a place to meet new friends or just to find some minutes of rest on the bench under the colourful chestnut trees.

Kiev is the city where you can spend a lot of time for managing to see all monuments, churches and other places of interest.  We are glad to help you with rental accommodation  in our  capital. And our guides who speak different languages are always ready to help you to know about Kiev more deeply and to show you its real beauty!

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