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About Kiev - places to vizit. Best appartments for it.


Kiev Where Old Meets New


Once you have visited Kiev, you will never want to forget this marvellous city. With its beautiful streets and green parks, huge number of orthodox churches, theatres and museums.

You will be lured by the cosy bars, fine restaurants with international cuisine; an abundance of unforgettable night clubs, shopping centres, friendly people and a warm atmosphere. Daily rent appartments in Kiev .

Kiev has a great combination of old and modern styles in architecture and the way of living; bright crowded places to have fun, and quiet comfortable ones for relaxation.

Kiev is located on the wooded hills above the 4th largest river of Europe called the Dnieper. The Old Town (Upper Town) is concentrated around the St Sophia Cathedral. The area north of the Old Town is called Podol, or (Lower Town), with its historic merchants quarter and river port.

From the northern end of Khreshchatyk, to the south-east, runs the district of Pechersk. Where the historic ecclesiastical centre and caves of the monastery can be found. Woods and parks cover most of the west bank slopes, the snaking Dnieper river divides the two parts of Kiev. Across the river on the east (left) bank are a cluster of islands hugged by beaches and parkland. Beyond lie the relatively new buildings, mostly residential area.

The modern wide boulevards and broad squares are a stark contrast to the allure of the old town. Today Kiev has a big city atmosphere, more cosmopolitan than any other city in the country, but within the urban sprawl, gracious testaments to its turbulent history can still be found.


Kiev Heritage


Kiev, with a population of about 3 million and territory of 790 sq. kilometers, is the capital of Ukraine; it's the largest political, scientific, transportation, industrial and cultural centre. The official date of the foundation of Kiev is 482 A. D., so it has just recently celebrated its 1500th anniversary. Since the ancient times it was one of the most famous and wonderful cities of Eastern Europe and was nicknamed "the mother of all Russian cities" because the history of Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania started in Kiev, the powerful centre of the medieval state Kieven Rus.

The most widely accepted viewpoint of historians on the origination of this first state of the Eastern Slavs is connected to what is known as Invitation of Varyags (a.k.a. Norsemen and Vikings). The first known chronicle, Povest Vremennyh Let (PVL) or Tale of the Times, tells that in 862, invited by Novgorod, Konung Rurik and two brothers of him came to rule the northern Slavic lands. They brought their Scandinavian name Rus', still existing in Finn language, to call this territory Russian Land.

Kiev was already a famous city then and soon Varyags came there on the way to Constantinople, to be mentioned in the Byzantine chronicle first time in 865. Their ancestors ruled from Kiev in the 9th to 12th centuries as a capital of huge state that stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Monumental role of Kiev is that it brought Byzantium into Russia, with its religion, alphabet, culture, stress on autocracy, and a zealous devotion to the true cause. Some of the first Varyags were already Christians; however it was in 988 that Grand Duke Vladimir baptized his nation. It was maybe where the broad avenue Khreshchatik now runs that the people descended from the hills to the Dnieper River to be christened by Greek priests from Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. You can rent best appartments in Kiev center by us!

  The Green City


"The green city" is the other way people often call Kiev due to the great number of parks and gardens that embrace the city everywhere; even in the downtown area you can enjoy the park life and shade provided by an overabundance of greenery. Kiev numbers about 78 parks; trees cover more than 67% of the city's territory. Over the last few years many of capital's major central parks like Maryinsky, Khreshaty and the Shevchenko Park were renovated. By 2010 the city's administration hopes to construct 14 more parks in and around the downtown area. Each will have facilities to match those newly-renovated parks: fountains, wells, toilets and children's playgrounds. So if you want to be quiet and relaxed, find a nice spot in the shade under the trees; sit down and breathe in some of Kiev's fresh air; and just enjoy the greenery all around.


Walking down the bright shining Khreshchatyk(appartment in Kiev center, wich you can rent by us ), or the Andreevskiy spusk with its paved roads and little old houses, the ancient Podol or down the banks of the Dnieper River. You will find a lot of interesting places to see and to visit, pleasant smiles of beautiful Kiev girls and fresh sweet air all around.

And if you want your trip to be organized in the best way without stresses and worries... just contact us and we will take care of all your needs!

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